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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Coaching and Therapy/Counseling? 

Therapy or Counseling

  • Longer-term services
  • Involve in-depth evaluation and diagnosis
  • Focus more on holistic personal growth goals
  • Typically involve frequent sessions (weekly or monthly)
  • Typically involve in-depth sessions (45-90 minutes)
  • Are confidential and have legal protections
  • Requires providers to have specific education and be licensed
  • Requires medical record documentation of diagnoses, sessions, and progress
  • Can be billed to health insurance companies


  • Can be brief or long-term
  • Focus more on the present and future than the past
  • Focus more on strategizing for specific current problems
  • Can be used "as needed" when struggles arise
  • Can include brief or in-depth sessions (15-120 minutes)
  • Aren't protected by legal statutes or confidentiality
  • Don't have education or licensing requirements for providers (although some Coaches are also licensed professionals)
  • Doesn't include medical record documentation
  • Usually can't be billed to health insurance companies. 

I'm already one of Dr. Green's therapy clients, can I take the courses or get coaching? 

If you've been a client in Dr. Green's private practice in the past 5 years, then you can purchase the online courses (with a 50% discount), but you can't purchase coaching services. You can view and contribute to the discussion boards and social media groups, but Dr. Green won't acknowledge that you're a therapy client in those forums to protect your privacy and confidentiality. Instead, you can discuss your specific situation as part of therapy sessions instead of coaching sessions. 

Can I arrange a live presentation or on-site training/coaching? 

Yes! I offer workshops on specific topics if you'd like to dig deeper, provide a live training experience for a group of people or organization, or receive private group coaching for a specific group. Please email me a brief description of what you're interested in scheduling to get a personalized price quote.

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