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I am a clinical psychologist, college professor, entrepreneur, organizational climate consultant, holistic restorative coach, and mother to three young daughters.


Like most of the professional women I know, I have always overworked, overproduced, and under-rested in pursuit of “having it all” and being “successful” in male-dominated institutions. 


Over the past few years, I have become acutely aware of the ways that I have pushed myself aside and delayed my life balance to serve systems that don’t serve me — to take one for the team, to make the safe choice, to develop stability, to put my kids first, or help the greater good. I see the same patterns with my clients, friends, relatives, and colleagues.

I use my superpowers and evidence-based 4-step process to help people and organizations build holistic wellness in the daily grind to live their best, authentic, fulfilling life. 

Holistic Restorative
Coach and Consultant

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How I am different from
other coaches

I am a Holistic Restorative Coach working from a Restorative Feminism framework.

I am also a licensed clinical psychologist who has spent 20 years studying and treating addiction, a college professor, and a single mother to three young daughters.

These experiences give me perspective and superpowers quite different from the majority of other coaches. 

I Will Be Your All-in-One Coach...

  • Empowerment Coach

  • Mindset Coach

  • Behavior Change Coach

  • Motivation Coach

  • Professional/Executive Coach

  • Relationship Coach

  • Parenting Coach

  • Teaching Coach

  • Leadership Coach

  • Communication Coach

Featured Coaching Packages

Custom Packages Available

Rapid Response


  • Free Goodness-of-fit consultation

  • 4-week jUmpstart Program

  • 1/2 day intensive Coaching (4-hrs)

  • 2-hrs follow-up coaching

  • Text check-ins between sessions

  • 60-min after-hours coaching (15-min increments)

Only 1 Spot Remaining!

Clarity and Change Package

  • Free Goodness-of-fit consultation

  • 3-month Program to reset, recharge, and refocus 

  • 2-hr start-up coaching session

  • 12 follow-up Sessions (55-Min)

  • Text check-ins between sessions

  • 30-min/month after-hours coaching (15-min increments)

Spots are Limited!

Sustained Support Package

  • Free Goodness-of-fit consultation

  • 2-hr start-up coaching session

  • 4-hrs/month coaching (15-min increments)

  • Text check-ins between sessioNS

  • 30-min/month after-hours coaching (15-min increments)​

Only 3 Spots Remaining!

My COACHING Specialties

Mindset, Motivation, & Burnout
Self-Nurturing & Empowerment
Recovery & Wellness
Relationships & Parenting
Modern Women's Issues
Are you unsure which package is right for you?
I want you to thrive whether you're a client or not... so book a free session to explore ideas and resources for your holistic wellness goals.  
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