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Licensed Psychologist
PSYPACT Credentialed for Interjurisdictional Practice
National Register Health Services Psychologist
Professor of Psychology, St. Edward's University

I am a clinical psychologist, college professor, entrepreneur, organizational consultant, author, speaker, and single mother to three young daughters.

I help clients build holistic wellness in the daily grind, and have particular expertise in burnout, addiction, self-nurturing, empowerment, motivation, relationships, and unique challenges for women, parents, LGBTQI+, neurodivergent, and other marginalized people. 

As a clinical psychologist with a a long track record of helping individuals, couples, and families impacted by addiction and mental health, I can help you manage your particular challenges, prioritize self-nurturing, and live your best, authentic, fulfilling life.

I have 20 years of experience working with couples and families impacted by addiction and mental illness, and my role as a couples/family therapist is to make the relationships healthier and more fulfilling. I remain an objective moderator, don't take sides, and help people feel more understood and connected.

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Therapy Services

Free Initial Consultation

Dr. Green is happy to provide a free initial consultation by phone to discuss the goodness of fit between the services Dr. Green provides and the client's reported problem areas. She will provide referral assistance to other providers as appropriate. 

Therapy and Coaching

Dr. Green offers evidence-based psychotherapy and coaching, including individual, couples, and family sessions. Individual sessions are 55-minutes at $225, couples/family sessions are 55-minutes at $250, and 90-minute intake/evaluation sessions are $300.

Insurance Panels

Dr. Green has immediate openings for self-pay clients, and is not taking new insurance-billed clients at this time. You can submit superbills (healthcare receipts) to your insurance companies to be reimbursed a portion of the fees (usually 50-70% reimbursed, depending on your plan).

There is a short waitlist for clients with Medicare, BCBS PPO, or UHC PPO insurance plans.

Clinical Consultation and Training

Although Dr. Green isn't taking unlicensed supervisees at this time, she offers time-limited or ongoing clinical consultation to licensed therapists in a range of disciplines. Rates are decided on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Green will also consider invitations to deliver workshops and presentations on topics related to holistic wellness, relationships and parenting, addiction, addiction resistance (prevention), and recovery processes. 

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